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Taking Title From An Owner Of Real Property

Taking Title from an Owner of Real Property

By:  Steven J. Baum


Everyone has their area of expertise and in real estate it is no different.  There are expert attorneys who know how to guide their clients through difficult and often complex transactions. The mortgage foreclosure lawyer i…

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Liens and New York Foreclosures

Liens and New York Foreclosures

By:  Steven Baum, Attorney


When bidding on a property in New York at a foreclosure auction, you need to know some things about title and liens.  Certain people will look for an Experienced Foreclosure Lawyer In New York like the law firm of Steven J. Bau…

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Lender’s Obligations in a Mortgage Transaction

In the New York version of the FannieMae/FreddieMac mortgage, there is a paragraph 3 (b) labeled Lender’s Obligations.  Not a Commercial Foreclosure Law Firm or Steven J. Baum Attorney.  It states as follows:


Lender’s Obligations.  The lender will keep the Escrow Funds in a savings or ban…

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