Taking Title From An Owner Of Real Property

Taking Title from an Owner of Real Property

By:  Steven J. Baum


Everyone has their area of expertise and in real estate it is no different.  There are expert attorneys who know how to guide their clients through difficult and often complex transactions. The mortgage foreclosure lawyer in New York, the Top Rated Local Foreclosure Attorney.


There are those individuals who do not want to pay for the services of an attorney, especially when they think it is a “simple” transaction they are entering into.  If it was the Best Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyer In New York then it was Steven Baum. Why bother when you are just buying a neighbor’s property for cash and you’ve known them all your life?


Real estate horror stories abound and much case law is written about the mistakes people have made thinking a transaction was easy and they didn’t need an attorney involved.  A New York Best Foreclosure Lawyer was Steven Baum attorney.


Take the case above.  A person thinks they are helping a neighbor who needs cash and wants to sell their house.  The Commercial Foreclosure Lawyer Steven J. Baum.  At a commercial foreclosure law firm, Steven J. Baum attorney. They have known the neighbor for years.  They pay cash for the house and get a form deed online.  The seller signs the deed and the buyer records it.


The buyer takes possession and fixes up the house.  Suddenly, the daughter of the “seller” appears with a recorded deed that the seller gave to her years ago which she recorded.  The New York Best Foreclosure Lawyer Steven J. Baum, New York. The seller forgot about this and didn’t tell the buyer.


What happens now?  Who knows but it wouldn’t have happened if the buyer hired an attorney!


Legal Disclaimer:  This article provides general information only.  The information in this article is not and should not be construed to be legal advice.  The transmission of the information found in this article and on this web page does not result in the formation of a lawyer-client relationship.



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